Christmas in July…Are you ready for the holiday season?

Many companies, especially retailers, are promoting Christmas in July. It’s another way to entice you to spend. Some of you may cringe at the mere mention of Christmas. Now is actually a good time to start preparing for the holiday season. After all, there’s only 126 until Thanksgiving. Are you prepared to compete? How will you ensure your business thrives during the most wonderful time of the year?

Besides taking a deep breath, the next step is making time to strategize. You and your team need to determine some measurable goals. Next, answer some of these simple questions.

  • How will we achieve those goals?
  • What message do we want to communicate during the holiday season?
  • How can we make this fun?
  • What steps do we need to take to ensure success and sanity?

In my opinion, creating content is easier during the holidays. There are just so many ways to connect with your audience. Once you’ve determined your core message, develop content that will engage and spread holiday joy. Don’t overthink it. You’re trying to build a relationship and encourage patrons to do business with you. Most are planning to spend during the holiday season. So it’s less about convincing them to spend and more about reminding them why they should spend with you versus a competitor.

Let’s take a closer look at spending. The National Retail Federation offers up some great information on this topic. During the holidays, consumers plan to spend over $1000. According to NRF’s chart, Americans are spending what they intended to spend so far this year. More than 165 million Americans shopped Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. Roughly 40% have their shopping completed by December 19th. Some consumers begin shopping they day after Halloween. This makes sense when you think about the promotions many companies start running leading up to Black Friday.

With Halloween roughly 14 weeks away, it’s time to plan. If you read this and thought…I’m not a retailer and I don’t need to be concerned. You’re leaving money on the table. Service-oriented businesses can also see an increase in spending with the right plan and marketing. Most of you have heard that the younger generations are ‘killing’ retailers. So offer up some unique experiences and unusual gifts to delight them. Not sure where to begin? Contact me for a free strategy session, because it’s really never too early to start thinking about Christmas.

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